St Margarets Traders Association

The St Margarets Traders Association currently represents over 70 local businesses and aims to promote and protect the unique and vibrant St Margarets shopping area.

The Association has strong links with local schools and community groups and works with the community to provide family fun and entertainment at the Summer and Christmas Fairs. The Association has strengthened its links with the community through the introduction and usage of the 'Love St Margarets' heart logo.

Why join the Traders Association?

The St Margarets Traders Association represents over 70 local businesses that trade from business premises within St Margarets. The association strives to promote and protect our local community whilst supporting local commerce.
We publish the MyStMargarets magazine and the website.

Following several requests to extend our membership to other St Margarets business owners, we are currently inviting non-members to join our associate membership scheme.

Associate members receive our regular newsletter, which contains news, information and opportunities from St Margarets and across the borough. Associate members are offered discounted advertising in the 'My St Margarets' magazine. All members get a directory listing on

Our associate membership rate for this year is £10 plus a £5 new members joining fee.

St Margarets Rise…

Slammed into the stratosphere through their co-ordinated launch of the website and its glossy magazine in December 2009, they have enjoyed unprecedent success, and are regarded as 'one to watch' in 2010. With the first edition of the magazine delivered to over 5,000 homes in the area, traders are queuing up to get onboard for the three issues that are planned for this year.

St Margarets is dominated by independently owned businesses that are built on the traditional values of service, quality and innovation.

The principle objective for 2009 has been to help and encourage new businesses to the area to fill the vacant shops. This objective has recently been achieved and there are currently no retail premises for sale or rent in the area. The focus of the Association now is to promote and help to enhance the new and already established businesses in St Margarets.

To join, or for more information about the St Margarets Traders Association please contact:

St Margarets Traders Association

  • Simon Chapman
    St Margarets Traders Association

    28 Crown Road

    St Margarets


    TW1 3EE

    United Kingdom
  • Tel: +44(0)20 8891 3944 or +44(0)20 8891 3944

For information about the community St Margarets Christmas Fair and Summer Fair, please contact: